Higher Education Compliance and Regulation

If you are looking to set up a university or higher education provider in Australia, you need to make an application to Australia’s current higher education regulator, TEQSA.

Many new registrants face a hostile regulator which is seemingly unsympathetic to their business needs or goals. Increasingly, it is harder and harder to understand government interpretations of higher education standards. Some applicants have tried and failed, while others have been successful.

This is the space where Darlo Higher Education works. We can describe effectively what it takes to distinguish yourself from the other applicants, the internal processes and capabilities you need to develop to comply with specific standards, and the potential traps and misinformation that is going around about higher education compliance. It is critical for all new higher education registrants is to demonstrate that they have internal capabilities, governance and processes. You have a trusted and dependable team on higher education compliance and regulation.

Our team of experts are the only group in Australia that is willing to stand up and be on your side when applying for higher education registration.


You should be supported in your higher education ambitions.

  • TEQSA Standards

    Interested in higher education registration with TEQSA? Our team has advised big and small organisations on the TEQSA standards.

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  • Compliance

    Working through higher education compliance? Confused. Bored. With good reason, the Higher Education standards often need untangling. We make this simple for you.

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  • Regulations

    Higher Education regulations are complicated and the regulator is typically heavy handed and unsympathetic to new providers. Let's help you with a kind, patient approach ...

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