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Stuck on TEQSA Act Regulation and Compliance, searching for academics to help with writing courses, or have a desire to become a TEQSA registered Higher Education Provider?  Find answers on our website to many common questions.

If you need straightforward advice and are seeking to offer Australian qualifications, Darlo Higher Education can assist your team. Established in 2011, we help companies:

– write new higher education courses
– apply for TEQSA registration/course accreditation
– build higher education quality and capabilities
– tidy up higher education applications and registration to TEQSA
– develop governance boards
– undertake benchmarking
– recruit new academic or administrative staff
– appeal to the AAT Tribunal

Our specialist team of academics, policy analysts and commercial managers are experts in studies in higher education and can help you to build, grow and maintain high quality, private education. Explore our range of HEP consulting services and see how our higher education consultants can assist you with the higher education standards.

While tertiary education has many gatekeepers and naysayers opposed to private higher education, we stand proud to support entrepreneurs, innovators and independent operators to teach and to help others.

Your efforts will be strongly supported and we back those trying to make an effort to create more open, freer and less government intervention in higher education.

We look forward to connecting with you.

Discover how we can help

  • TEQSA Advisory Services

    Have an issue with the higher education regulator, TEQSA? Preparing an appeal of a decision
    through the AAT? Looking to prepare for a re-registration or course accreditation?

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  • Curriculum Design

    Looking to offer new higher education courses? Our team can help you design, develop and write new qualifications, courses and curriculum.

    Read More
  • TEQSA Applications

    Want to find out more about higher education registrations with TEQSA? Looking for support in the development of your own application?

    Read More

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