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For the past decade, Darlo Higher Education has weathered all the best and worst of private higher education industry. As market leaders, Darlo created an entire private higher education market in Australia, and enabled countless new higher education providers to enter the market. With decades of knowledge on compliance and regulation, and having unique insights into TEQSA regulation, as well as having former staff work at all levels of government and private enterprise in higher education, Darlo Higher Education has developed new frontiers and opportunities for private higher education providers. 

If you are looking for private higher education registration advice, planning to establish your organisation as a university or private higher education provider, and want expertise that is earned by working with the largest private higher education providers in the world. 

Previous Clients

Darlo Higher Education created a suite of orientation lessons for all of the University of Melbourne’s new students. Delivered online. 

Darlo Higher Education was instrumental in helping with a large digital transformation for Western Sydney University, a project involving over 200 courses. 

Darlo Higher Education developed an innovative, and highly profitable online course (MBA Executive Leadership) for CQUniversity. 

Our Services

Our main services are to help new entrants looking to gain higher education registration. Our team helps you navigate the complex and challenging components of higher education registration with government agencies including TEQSA, Australia’s Higher Education Regulatory, as well as Accreditation Agencies in the United States. 

                   Higher Education Applications

             New Higher Education Registrations

     Higher Education Regulation and Compliance

What Our Clients Say?

"I really enjoyed working with Darlo. Their deep understanding of student needs and pedagogy and intimate knowledge of Canvas was the perfect balance for our project. He brought great professionalism, energy and flexibility to the project - he knows how to work with institutions of learning, and deliver best outcomes for students."
Logan Balavijendran Learning Strategist The University of Melbourne
"As a member of the Higher Education team at Central Queensland University, I was in charge of developing and coordinating the Bachelor of Tourism and Hospitality Management. The task required the development of curriculum for 12 subjects including PowerPoints, tutorial plans, and selecting textbooks. I was greatly satisfied with the end result Darlo produced. The writing was precise and well suited to higher education students. Most importantly, they were able to incorporate all relevant content covered in the subject, adding additional information based on their expertise and further research. They were able to come up with the perfect product for my higher education goals; a subject that was engaging, thorough, clear, and comprehensive. I have already engaged Darlo with another project and will no doubt do so again." Dr Ali Abusalem, Academic and Research Leader at Central Queensland University
Dr Ali Abusalem
Academic and Research Leader Central Queensland University


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