TEQSA Higher Education Registration Applications

Looking for help with the development of your higher education registration application?

Our academics have research and teaching experience from universities such as the University of Melbourne, University of Sydney, University of Auckland, and Oxford University.

We are highly familiar with the TEQSA Threshold Standards, the TEQSA Act and the ESOS Act.

Contact us to discuss the challenges and complexities of higher education registration and applications.

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  • Course Design

    Helping you create a range of classroom (face-to-face), online, and blended learning design programs and courses that you can build into your learning and teaching programs.

  • Subject Outlines

    Helping you create, write or review subject outlines. We work across all disciplinary areas including, but not exclusive to, Health, Business and Accounting, Management, and IT.

  • Graduate Mapping

    Helping you map your programs to graduate outcomes and attributes, as well as aligning them with professional standards.

  • Teaching Resources

    Helping you manage the creation and development of teaching materials and resources such as face-to-face, online or blended learning.

  • Professional Development

    Organising and finding facilitators for your Professional Development calendar and programs.

    We provide you with workshops on Teaching and Learning, Assessment, and Compliance.

  • Learning Management Systems

    Our relationships with Learning Management System providers can help you customise and tailor a LMS to your requirements, functionality and stylised design. Our team can also provide you with recommendations on Learning Management Systems.

  • eLearning Programs

    Building and designing innovative eLearning programs using creative strategies and employing visually engaging and interactive digital content. This includes videography, sound design, animation and virtual tours. Our creative team have worked across a range of productions to assist organisations to achieve their goals.

  • App Development

    Building apps (iPhone, Android etc.) to give you a presence in the fast-growing mobile learning space.

  • Online Learning Courses and Materials

    In response to demands for digital education including Digital Universities, Darlo Higher Education develops online learning materials and courses.