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A quick note that Darlo Higher Education erroneously included TEQSA’s CEO as a speaker/participant at last year’s EduTech conference. We wish to provide a public update that it was actually TEQSA’s Director, Assurance Group, who was on the higher education panel led by Darlo Higher Education’s Michael Christodoulou.

Thanks to TEQSA for notifying Darlo Higher Education of this error (as well as an errant apostrophe – providers be warned). TEQSA’s CEO was scheduled to speak and listed as a speaker in early marketing efforts by EduTech, and a last minute change/addition seems to have been made.

Rest assured the information has now been updated and the apostrophe corrected. Hopefully, no readers, especially potential or existing higher education providers, were confused or overly put out by this post.

Thanks for reading.

Darlo Higher Education