About New Zealand

Darlo Higher Education understands that your individual situation and efforts to become the best higher education provider you can be. There are countless scenarios and possibilities that exist in helping your organisation deliver high quality higher education.

Through working with you to establish your market, what is possible, what needs to be done, and assisting you through the implementation process, we will see you grow into the best type of education provider you can possibly be.

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  • Customised Course Design

    In response to growing demand and local & international consumer tastes, Darlo ensures that higher education providers can develop outstanding new courses and new methods of course delivery.

  • NZQA Certification

    We will help your institution maintain compliance with all relevant NZQA standards.

  • Benchmarking

    Our research team offers insights into performance through industry comparisons and examinations based on criteria-based assessment.

  • Academic Policies and Governance

    The development of curriculum, courses and subjects also requires accompanying academic policies. We are experienced policy developers and academic governance advisors that can effectively introduce and integrate these new policies into your curriculum.

  • Market Opportunities

    Our benchmarking services benefit your organisation by revealing hidden opportunities in economies of scale and scope, and allow you to tap into additional market opportunities that can facilitate growth.

  • Governance Set-Up

    Darlo Higher Education will assist your organisation with governance set-up processes to ensure that your arrangements put you in the best possible position to excel as a higher education provider.

  • Improve your Organisation

    Darlo Higher Education helps you assign and meet appropriate targets and goals through the implementation of continuous improvement methodologies.

    This includes strategies to further utilise and develop existing human resources to create a high-performance organizational structure.