At Darlo Higher Education we believe that education should be accessible for everyone, as the more educated a society is, the more prosperous, healthy, and politically stable that society is likely to be. We are pro government deregulation of education systems.

We offer tailored options and services that allow providers the freedom to work towards a better future.

Darlo Higher Education is part of the Darlo Group. The Darlo Group was founded in 2011 by Dr. Brendan Moloney, a former senior project manager, at the University of Melbourne. Since then, PhDs from the University of Melbourne and compliance expert have worked with Darlo Higher Education to emerge as a market leader in the field.

Our mission is to grow private education globally.

We assist education providers with their questions and issues about higher education. Our specialist team draws upon our experience working in higher education at leading Australian universities to assist our clients in becoming professional and reputable higher education providers.

Darlo Higher Education has an associate network of over 150 PhDs and Subject Matter Experts from Australia’s top universities and within the industry. This multidisciplinary knowledge allows us to provide a range of high-quality services to ensure that the transition to higher education is a seamless process. We assist providers in the set up process to deliver quality courses that are competitive within the higher education market in Australia.

Our Team

We’re a team of strategic creatives specialising in education, communications, design, digital and video. We use these skills every day to promote new approaches to our constantly evolving world.